3 Reasons why promising ROI is HYPE


 2017-01-30 15:34:06

We’ve decided to post a new article about the Return on Investment (ROI) because since ZAGTOR is live, many messages were sent to us asking how much is the ROI. We understand everyone who’s asking this. That is why we want to clarify why estimating a ROI is not ethical.

Return on investment is a ratio of a profit/loss made in a certain time (usually 1 year) in terms of an investment and it is expressed in percentage: ROI = Net Profit / Total Investment x 100.

1. Pricing is in US $ - Bitcoin accepted

As you’ve probably seen the pricing is listed in US Dollars and the payments can be made only in Bitcoin (we use a 3rd party payment processor from MobilPay - Netopia). Because of Bitcoin fluctuation with the US$ it is impossible to promise something to our partners that is not sustainable. We can make estimations based on fundamental analysis and technical analysis referring to Bitcoin price, but our policy is not to promise what is not certain.

For example:

- In January 2016 the price of Bitcoin was around $400 which means a total of 320 H/s on our pricing list.

- In January 2017 the price of Bitcoin was around $900 which means a total of 750 H/s on our pricing list.

Bitcoin is the most powerful cryptocurrency in the world and the volatility is making it bounce on the charts.

2. Mining the most profitable cryptocoin

Another major variable is included in our strategy: Zagtor is mining the most profitable coin based on a weekly analysis. However, our clients are paid daily, based on a daily analysis. That is why our partners are getting the most on the market every single day.

Our partners are paid in Monero but that doesn’t mean we are mining Monero if another altcoin is more profitable to mine (Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Expanse, Zcash, etc). We have an internal system that is calculating how much Monero our clients have to receive even if we are mining Ethereum, for example. This system is helping our clients to gain the most as possible.

3. Monero payments

You have to consider the price of Monero another major variable. When the price is going down the amount of Monero paid to our clients is higher, when the price is going up, the amount of Monero paid to our clients is lower. Please take in consideration also the fact that we are calculating the prices of Monero in Bitcoin.

Therefore we don’t promise a ROI to our partners because the cryptocurrency is not totally defined yet, but we strongly believe that cryptocurrency is the future and will revolutionize the global economy and all of our partners are getting the most of it.

As a tip, don’t trust somebody who is promising ROI in the cryptocurrency field because not sustainable.


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