The world is changing every day. To continue developing our business over the next five years, we must look ahead, be aware and understand the trends that will shape our business. We must be ready today for tomorrow.


To build trust in the cryptocurrency industry

To build long term relationships with our customers

To create value and make a difference


Customers: To provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our customers

Profit: Maximize long-term return to our customers

Productivity: Be a highly effective, fast-moving organization

Bring to the world a high trusted mining system for all of us to shape the cryptocurrency industry


Open minded: The courage to adapt on trends

Passionate: Committed with our minds and hearts

Determined: Always will be a part of cryptocurrency

Creative: Ideas are changing the future



It all began in 2010: Bitcoin was just starting. We saw its potential and became very passionate about it. Relying on analysis and intuition we were able to acquire a quantity that allowed us to test and transact Bitcoin between us. We were instantly amazed by its philosophy: the blockchain.

As soon as Bitcoin’s value reached $1, many joined the community. Someone bought a car using Bitcoin, which stirred up the public’s interest. It was clear to us then: Bitcoin is the future currency of the economy. It will revolutionize trade the same way that the Internet revolutionized communications.

Later a whole industry developed around the crypto currency. “Altcoins” started showing up one by one. In 2012 we started mining altcoins on our PC CPUs.

Along the way some unforeseen events came into play: it became more difficult to mine and the ASICs were introduced. Because CPU mining wasn’t profitable enough anymore, we turned to other components - GPUs and ASICs.

We decided to invest into GPUs because they were not limiting us to a certain mining algorithm. Our aim was to mine the most profitable coin and the ASIC was not a future-proof option.

Video board mining was a success. We mined the most profitable coins and after technical and fundamental analysis we changed those certain coins into Bitcoin. When we managed to break even on our video board investment, we bumped into another issue: the electricity bill.

Our solution? Setting up a company. By law, companies receive a discounted electricity price. Once we incorporated our business, all hardware was moved into a new building that provided a better environment - with temperatures adjusted so that the hardware can function optimally, at the maximum capacity.

In 2016 we had to upgrade the hardware. We invested in better performing GPUs.

We discovered more and more cloud mining sites. Unfortunately, most of them turned out to be scams. We fell victim to one as we were probing the market, and out of our loss we came up with a clear goal.

We want the cryptocurrency fans to stop being scammed. The industry needs to become safe in order to grow. We bring our service to all that need something transparent, safe and continually up to date: Zagtor Mining.

Right now we have 80 GPUs that mine at full capacity. Our growth plan for 2017 outlines the acquisition of 500 new GPUs:

Q1 2017: +80 GPUs

Q2 2017: +100 GPUs

Q3 2017: +140 GPUs

Q4-2017: +180 GPUs

For any further questions, please email us at contact@zagtor.com, or contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

Go mining! :)